Hardwood Grade Lumber

As a wholesale supplier of green lumber, our expertise reaches back over 100 years. Get a look into our lumber mill and the hardwood lumber varieties we produce below.

Aerial shot of Buskirk Lumber's Freeport, Michigan sawmill, one of the largest sawmills in Michigan.
We are proud to operate one of Michigan’s largest sawmills and a dry kiln facility to produce only the highest quality North American hardwood lumber.

We serve Michigan’s lower peninsula, Northern Indiana, and Northern Ohio—producing over ten million board feet of lumber annually at our main hardwood lumber mill.

Lumber Production Process

After the harvested hardwood logs are transported to our sawmill by our fleet of trucks, they are sorted and stripped of their bark by our ring debarker. The edges are then removed, and the logs are turned into boards. The lumber is then trimmed to the desired width and length by the end trimmer. 

The lumber is then graded according to NHLA Standards based on its size, quality, and intended use. Finally, all lumber is loaded into our company-owned trucks for distribution.

Close-up of a cut edge of a hardwood timber log, which is labeled with a Buskirk Lumber barcode.

Hardwood Lumber Varieties

We are cash buyers of standing hardwood timber from which we produce grade lumber and live edge lumber (and a variety of other end products).


Species of Hardwood Lumber

We produce lumber from native hardwoods that we harvest, including: 

NHLA Grade Lumber

With the timber we purchase, we are able to create hundreds of finished end products to be put back into our communities, including a selection of grade hardwood lumber. According to the National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA), our lumber is graded accordingly:

Our Firsts and Seconds, or FAS grade lumber, meet strict quality standards set by the NHLA and are characterized by:

  • Minimum board size of 6 inches by 8 feet long
  • At least 83.3% clear of defects (knots, splits, etc.)

FAS lumber is one of the highest grades of lumber available. Due to its higher quality nature, FAS lumber is typically more expensive than the lower grades—but is worth the investment when it comes to applications like premier furniture or cabinetry where appearance and durability are most important.

Our Select grade lumber is characterized by its consistent color and grain and meets NHLA standards of:

  • Being clear of all knots and defects on one side
  • Having only minor blemishes or imperfections on the opposite side
  • Being straight, flat, and free of warping

As a higher grade of hardwood lumber free from strength- and appearance-related defects, Select grade lumber is more expensive than lower grades.

#1 Common grade lumber, also referred to as Cabinet Grade, is a mid-range grade between Select and #2 Common.

Our #1 Common grade lumber meets NHLA’s grading system, requiring that the lumber be:

  • At least 3 inches wide and 4 feet long
  • At least 66.6% clear of defects

2A/2B, a mid-range grade between #1 Common and #2 Common, has more natural defects, knots, and color variation than the higher grades, but is still used in many applications such as furniture, millwork, flooring, and cabinets.

According to NHLA Standards, our 2A/2B grade lumber is:

  • A minimum of 3 inches wide and 4 feet long
  • At least 50% clear of defects

3A/3B grade lumber, also called #2 Common or thirds, is a lower-grade lumber characterized by more defects, knots, and color variation in its appearance. This type is used often in pallets, crates, and construction applications where appearance is not highest priority.

Our 3A/3B grade lumber meets NHLA standards that require the lumber:

  • Have at least one face reasonably clear of defects
  • Be free of decay, stain, or other defects that compromise the structural integrity

We produce a variety of cuts in popular sizes including 4/4, 6/4, 8/4, and 12/4, as well as custom made-to-order cuts. Reach out to us for more information on inventory.

Closeup of hardwood timber logs that have been split into lumber boards.

Green and Kiln-Dried Lumber

We produce over ten million board feet of lumber each year, providing a diverse mix of species of lumber including ash, cherry, red oak, white oak, soft maple, hard maple, walnut, hickory, and poplar. 

We are proud to work with our parent company, Kamps Hardwoods, as their lead supplier of green lumber from the standing timber we harvest. There, our rough-sawn lumber is kiln-dried and surfaced to create a strong, consistent, and high-quality product. 

Kamps Hardwoods has become a preferred supplier in the hardwood industry. As a high-quality manufacturer, distributor, and exporter, Kamps’ loyal base of customers makes it possible for our lumber to circulate locally in Michigan, throughout the U.S. and Canada, and to many other regions throughout the world. 

For dry lumber inquiries, please visit Kamps Hardwoods.

Hardwood Lumber Prices

We are a wholesale lumber supplier located in Freeport, Michigan. Our current hardwood lumber prices depend on the species, grade, whether it is green or kiln-dried, and other factors.

Please contact us by phone at 616-765-5103 or send us a message online for more information and a detailed estimation.

Hardwood Lumber Production Near Me

We produce hardwood lumber for distribution in these local communities:

Buskirk Service Area Map
Communities Served:

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