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Mill Overview

Buskirk Lumber has sawmills that service Michigan and Northern Indiana. Our main mill produces over ten million board feet of lumber annually and is currently being revamped to become one of the largest sawmills in Michigan!

Selling Timber Directly to the Mill

As a sawmill that buys timber, Buskirk Lumber has all of the resources that your project requires—including sawmills, logging crews, and our own fleet to transport your timber and lumber products. When you sell logs directly to our mill, you avoid outsourcing any work and additional associated fees including the trucking of your logs. And, when you have multiple jobs in one area, you save even more on equipment.

As either primary or secondary end users of all products, we take extra care when working with your land and timber.

When dealing with brokers, consulting foresters, or loggers instead of selling directly to a mill, you get far less money for your timber. These third parties make money off of your timber either by reselling it to another sawmill or taking a percentage for their own commission.  

Hardwood timber log passes under a large debarking wheel, which removes the bark as the first part of lumber production.
Step 1

Logs are stripped of their bark by using our ring debarker.

A timber log passes along a conveyor belt to a Filer & Stowell Co. band head saw, which takes off the edges of the logs.
Step 2

Our Filer & Stowell Co. band head saws take off the edges of the logs — squaring them up and preparing them to be ripped into boards.

Step 3

The logs are then sent to our edger or resaw, at which time they are turned into boards. The lumber then gets trimmed to the desired width and length in the end trimmer.

Step 4

Double End Trimming.

Step 5

Grading to NHLA Standards.

Step 6

Loading up our company-owned trucks.

End Products

Timber Harvesting is so much more than just cutting down trees. With the timber we purchase, we are able to create hundreds of finished end products to be put back into our communities.

  • Domestic and export
  • High-end slicer and rotary logs
  • Tabletops
  • FAS – 6-inches x 8-inches 
  • Select – 4-inches x 6-inches
  • 1Com, 2a/2b, 3a/3b, and rustic
  • Sea Wall Construction
  • Trailer Decking
  • Bridge Material
  • Beams
Live Edge

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Sawdust is sold for animal bedding. The bark is sold as mulch and the material cut off from lumber is chipped and sold to wood pellet companies to be used as fuel.