Forest Management Planning for Landowners

Alt text: A sunny hardwood forest that requires forest management planning.

Owning a large forested property is quite literally the only investment where money grows on trees. That’s why it’s important to protect that investment with a forest management plan. Keep your forest healthy and thriving so that you can continue to profit from your woodlot later down the line.  What is a Forest Management Plan? […]

Why Winter May Be The Ideal Time for Your Timber Harvest

Looking for the best time to harvest trees from your woodlot? The winter months are one of the best times for harvesting sustainably while reducing environmental impact. Not only does a winter harvest align with your woodlot’s natural processes, but it also helps to minimize effects on the soil and vegetation of your property.  While […]

Timber Appraisal: Determining the Value of Your Standing Timber

Find out what the timber on your property is worth and profit from your woodlot! Your private land may hold a potential treasure that’s often underestimated—the trees in your woodlot. If you’re a landowner with a desire to understand the true worth of your standing timber and explore the possibility of selling timber, you’re in […]

8 Ways to Make Money From Your Raw Land

Sun shining down through an open tree canopy.

With over 19.3 million acres of forest land covering 53% of the state, Michigan is home to a vast timberland acreage—the fifth largest in the entire United States! (  As a new owner of private forested land, there are a few ways you can make passive income off your new investment, including timber harvesting, raising […]

Knowing Your Woodlot: Hardwoods vs. Softwoods

Pile of cut timber logs stacked on top of each other

Do you know what type of timber you have in your woodlot? And how can you tell the difference between hardwood and softwood? Telling the difference between the trees in your woodlot is simpler than it may seem. And once you can tell the difference, you’ll be able to determine just how much your timber […]

When to Harvest Your Timber: A Guide for Landowners

Closeup of a stack of harvested timber logs in front of a woodlot.

With sustainable practices, harvesting your timber not only helps you profit from your woodlot, but promotes the natural succession of younger trees in your woodlot and keeps your forests healthy for years to come. Harvesting your timber at the right time and using the right harvesting method are key to accomplishing these goals! Methods of […]

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